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Portfolio Suren Eghiazaryan Lbgallery

Portfolio Suren Eghiazaryan Lbgallery

...ren Eghiazaryan Lbgallery
...ren Eghiazaryan Lbgallery
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  - Suren(Sooren)Eghiazaryan Was born in 1959 in Yerevan. republic of Armenia. Studied at Yerevan State Pedagogical Institute n amed by Kh. Abovyan - painting & drawing. Continued education at St. Petersburg State Art Academy named after Repin- as a listener. Exhibitions: 1987 Artists’ Union. Yerevan, Armenia. 1998 Art Expo, Los-Angeles, USA, 2004 LuxA...
[Biography - Suren Eghiazaryan Lbgallery - 2Ko - 2015]

  - I am Suren Eghiazaryan, was born in Yerevan in 1959 on the 21th of June, the capital of Sunny Armenia. I have been starting painting since my childhood. I lived in a very cosy place, surrounded by a huge landscape. a small river flew nearby my house. I used to sit at the bank of the river and paint for hours. It affected on my outlook positevely. I...
[Biography - Suren Eghiazaryan Lbgallery - 3Ko - 2013]