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Portfolio Lohmuller Gyuri

Portfolio Lohmuller Gyuri

If I ever make a good painting, I will be excused for beeing a painter.
Lohmuller Gyuri
Lohmuller Gyuri
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  - Well , I have not a spectaculous biography. No much exhibitions, no awards, no success. I'm self-educated in the arts field , without schools or oficial studies . I can say that I have realy discovered my painting 20 years ago, because I 've never se...
[Biography - Lohmuller Gyuri - 2Ko - 2009]

[Biography - Lohmuller Gyuri - 1Ko - 2009]

  - Gyuri Lohmuller - motto
If I ever make a good painting, I will be excused for beeing a painter.
[Page - Lohmuller Gyuri - 1Ko - 2008]

  - caffeine for reason - LIFE
Oh, painter, not even the future is like in the old times.. Memories are preserved food. In life it is very important to conjugate the two verbs: 'to be' or 'to have', and conjugate them very well. The only safe way in life, is the one to the loss. W...
[Page - Lohmuller Gyuri - 2Ko - 2008]

  - caffeine for reason - ART
If I ever make a good painting, I will be excused for being a painter. It looks absurd, but it is more important to search for happiness than to find it. Painting is the only field of activity where you can afford a step forward with the freedom of d...
[Page - Lohmuller Gyuri - 2Ko - 2008]

  - The full beauty aches. But what a beautiful pain!

[Page - Lohmuller Gyuri - 1Ko - 2007]

  - No much to say about my biography ,I'm for the first time on an online exhibition thanks to you. I had many exhibitions in afew country in Europe but it was only for a while and simply for money to survive . Now ,I gest want to publish afiew works of...
[Biography - Lohmuller Gyuri - 1Ko - 2006]

Guestbook di Lohmuller Gyuri

esti mare, dar pe departe nu asa de mare cit ai merita sa fi!
(Öcsi, 6 October 2009)
Really nice and interesting.I admire and I like verry much your work. Te pup dulce si succes in cont.../...

(Lohmullerbety, 16 July 2009)
Beauties for eyes and mind.
I search a lot to find your opera. But I have to admit that it worth it. I wish you a lot of successfull exibition and more than everyting that you dsesire for yourself.
(Monica, 15 October 2007)
Superb !
(Louis-François Alarie, 22 May 2007)
am azing work !!!!!
hi im ajordanian artist i loved your work its really amazing mariana
(mariana delta, 25 June 2006)