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Portfolio Irena Aizen

Portfolio Irena Aizen

Irena Aizen
Irena Aizen
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Aggiunto 28 dicembre 2019
Aggiunto 22 dicembre 2019
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Autoritratto con adagiato bella arte stampe

pastorale bella arte stampe

gennaio bella arte stampe

Bats-fancier-2 bella arte stampe

novembre bella arte stampe

Agosto bella arte stampe

Re bella arte stampe

Tobias e il Angel-2 . stampe fine art

Autoritratto con unicorno bella arte stampe

Estate sirena bella arte stampe

LUNA illusione bella arte stampe

Dendermonde Bosco . stampe fine art

Bats-fancier . stampe fine art

bambino bella arte stampe

rimanere con Me-2 bella arte stampe

Autoritratto con giglio bella arte stampe

Autoritratto con Dodo . stampe fine art

piramide con Donnola bella arte stampe

Owl-fancier-2 bella arte stampe

incantevole Pet-2 bella arte stampe

jackalope volante . stampe fine art

Fratellanza bella arte stampe

Owl-fancier . stampe fine art

Nirvana . stampe fine art


  - Irena Aizen was born in Russia. Grown up in a family of artists, she is the third generation of artists in her family. In 1981, Irena graduated in arts from Yaroslavl Art college. In Russia, she worked as an illustrator in a book publishing house. Since 1990, she has lived in Israel. Her artworks are exhibited in the Museum of Russian Art (Jersey C...
[Biography - Irena Aizen - 2Ko - 2015]

Guestbook di Irena Aizen

Like it!
I really like your style of work! Interesting and nice! The ideas you have for your paintings are amazing. It looks like you are a great illustrator!
(Anne, 10 April 2019)