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Opere D'arte >> Yosef Reznikov >> pieno di colore musicale Composizione 7

Opere D'arte >> Yosef Reznikov >> pieno di colore musicale  Composizione  7

"pieno di colore musicale Composizione 7"
Yosef Reznikov
mezzi misti su tela di canapa - 90 Cm x 98 Cm
What is the mission of the contemporary artist?
With this question, we turned to the artists Yosef Reznikov and Oleg Shkred, who have been working together for more than 20 years, and who sign the works with the abbreviation of their names --RESH--. During this time, they created magnificent works that amazed us at exhibitions with their extraordinary approach. In the conversations that took place with them, they always emphasized that without each other they could not have created all this, and the difficulties and tasks that arise are always easier to overcome together. And now they will answer the question posed together.
Yosef. “The artist’s mission is to bring beauty into our lives,” wrote Svetoslav Roerich, “to reveal it to others, draw our attention to it and show something more than our everyday life.” One cannot but agree with this, but I would add here that each generation asks itself this question anew and seeks an answer to it. Let's take, for example, the Soviet times, when artists were either engaged in propaganda or in principle engaged in landscapes, thus, as if protesting against the regime.
Oleg. And if we take the time of impressionism, when artists tried to reflect the sensuality of the world with technical means in painting. Or another example: abstract painting, when the artist tries to communicate with the viewer through the sensations of color and form. And their work found a response and mutual understanding from the audience. So it was at all times.
Yosef. It is very important for an artist to understand for himself - why is he doing this? We were once told that writers are the engineers of human souls
musicians are heralds of the voice of freedom, and then what should an artist, especially a modern one, profile on? In my opinion, an artist should have one single goal - to notice in all its manifestations the world around us and life, which is not subject to morality, power, or time, and to find meaning and joy in every minute of our life.
Oleg. Many people would like to limit creativity to their goals. The artist must……!!! He doesn't owe anyone anything. Only to himself and providence, which laid in him a talent that he must justify before the creator. The artist must be honest with himself and the viewer and not try to artificially interest him in his work, adjusting to generally accepted rules, morals and fashions. If your work attracts attention and makes the audience think, then this is an indicator of a completed mission.
Yosef. The artist's mission does not depend on the desire of the artist, but on the quality of his work. Art speaks its own language. Therefore, the artist has only one mission - to do his job as best as possible.
Oleg. I want to note that the level of education of the artist also affects the content and quality of the work. Good technique is just a tool for creating a picture. But one technique does not solve anything. Most likely, the level of artistic generalization is the main thing.
Yosef. I agree. I will only add that the work of an artist is a highly intellectual work, which, through the state of his soul, is realized in various forms. And the artist seeks the truth in his own special way.
-- Colorful musical composition # 7--mixed media on canvas 90x 98cm.

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