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Opere D'arte >> Yosef Reznikov >> Composizione - Guitarists-

Opere D'arte >> Yosef Reznikov >> Composizione - Guitarists-

"Composizione - Guitarists-"
Yosef Reznikov
смешанная техника . akрил . олст . асло - 80 Cm x 60 Cm
The influence of paintings on a person
Some people believe that everyone in the house should have at least one painting. But why hang it in the room? Previously, and now, too, paintings are considered signs of wealthy people who already have nowhere to put their money. Some people buy because they think they are good decorations for their bare walls. And some because they saw some kind of energy in them.
Scientists believe that constant observation of any picture has a positive or negative effect on the human psyche. Some even went crazy watching the paintings. If the picture depicts murder, then it is not surprising that it will carry negative energy with it.
Color is also very important. Light and bright colors are more positive and soulful than dull and dark ones. In addition to color, tone and the image itself, artists put their soul into paintings, which makes the paintings truly unique and often mysterious.
Some paintings are even able to motivate a person to do certain things. History counts cases when people, observing a certain picture, went crazy and were ready to kill. But there were also cases when paintings inspired people to take care of themselves, write, compose, confess their love.
Pictures, in one way or another, affect people. And you should only buy pictures with good energy. You need to pay attention to light and bright colors, as well as to the positive plot of the picture. And then the painting will be another joy in your life.

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