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I Opere D'Arte di Mirit Ben-Nun e aggiunto il 10/6/2021

Mirit Ben-Nun - Israeliano arte l-israele donna contemporanea artista Mirit Ben-NunIsraeliano arte l'israele donna contemporanea artista Mirit Ben-NunMirit Ben-Nun

Mirit Ben-Nun believes and feels that art is a vital and necessary function for human existence, it is what enriches the human race.;For Mirit it is her everyday language and her wish is that it reaches the one who observes her works of art and allows her to communicate her most positive aspects of ...

Mirit Ben-Nun - Arte del realismo dagli ebrei artista dall-israele per mirito Ben-NunArte del realismo dagli ebrei artista dall'israele per mirito Ben-NunMirit Ben-Nun

These paintings express a personal need to delineate images and fantasies abundant with color and emotional explosion. Signs, lines and the materials appear of their own volition and develop as an external language bridging the eye, the hand and the painted surface.;During the making of a painting t...