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Portfolio Tsering Nyandak

Portfolio Tsering Nyandak

Tsering Nyandak
Tsering Nyandak
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Aggiunto 21 agosto 2007
Aggiunto 28 giugno 2007
Aggiunto 3 potere 2007
Aggiunto 13 ottobre 2006
Aggiunto 13 giugno 2006
Aggiunto 25 febbraio 2006
Aggiunto 24 febbraio 2006
Aggiunto 23 febbraio 2006
Aggiunto 4 agosto 2005
Aggiunto 3 agosto 2005
Aggiunto 2 agosto 2005
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Sommergendo donna

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Baloon No . 8

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  - Lightness of being
The Rossi and Rossi gallery at 16 Clifford Street, London, is one of the few galleries in Europe where the best of the arts of Asia, both past and present, can be seen. In the past thirty years Rossi and Rossi has established a reputation as a leadin...
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  - Plum Blossoms (International) Ltd G6, 1 Hollywood Rd, Central, HK Tel: (852) 2521 2189 / Fax: (852) 2868 4398 ww.plumblossoms.com Monday – Saturday / 10:30am – 7:00pm Closed on Sundays and Public Holidays FRAGILE MANDALA Nortse / Tsering Nyandak 8 – ...
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  - Biography __ Tsering Nyandak Born : Lhasa, Tibet. 1974 Nationality : Tibetan, China. Resident : Lhasa. Selected Group Exhibition: 2008 PLum Blossoms gallery,Honkong. "Fragile Mandala. : 2007 Christopher Farr Courtyard gallery,Los Angeles .(organized ...
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  - Consciousness and Form: Contemporary Tibetan Art
Consciousness and Form Fact Sheet Images Press Release Rossi and Rossi are delighted to announce the opening of their new gallery on the ground floor of 16 Clifford Street, an 18th century townhouse in Mayfair, London W1, on 1 September 2007. This mo...
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  - At a Gallery in Lhasa, Tibet Joins Art World
At a Gallery in Lhasa, Tibet Joins Art World By CRAIG SIMONS, The New York Times, November 22, 2004 LHASA, Tibet - Judging from their work, the Gedun Choephel Artists' Guild might be just another garden-variety group of painters struggling to make na...
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  - Lhasa : New Works from Tibet Red Gate Gallery, 798 Art District 2 Jiuxianqiao Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing, People's Republic Of China May 26, 2007 To Jun 17, 2007 Detail: The fact that Tibet even has a contemporary art scene is little known outs...
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  - On recent paintings of Tsering Nyandak
On recent paintings of Tsering Nyandak Tsering Woeser (08.16. 2006) translated by Susan Chen Nyandak is a Lhasawa. From a distance, I saw him walking closer. His youthfulness and disability hit a tender spot in my heart. It used to be very easy to re...
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  - Inside out ( chi nang lok) ( Fa sheng Fa sheng)
Inside Out / phyi nang log (Tib) / FaSheng FaSheng (Chinese) May 20 -22, 2007 Gedun Choephel Artists’ Guild Gallery Lhasa, Tibet please also see installation and art work images in the Inside Out gallery at http://picasaweb.google.com/lei gh.sangster...
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  - Report from Lhasa
When I arrived in Lhasa in late June this past summer 2005, I originally planned to stay only a week. I was there as a teaching assistant for a University of Colorado study abroad program, and had ten students and two additional teachers with me. Asi...
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  - Tsering Nyandak ­ ein zeitgenössischer Künstler aus Tibet
Diese Ausgabe Inhaltsverzeichnis Zur Homepage Leben und Tod, Feuerrot und Nachtblau, aufrecht und in der Waage ­ wiegend, erdige satte Töne: Die Bilder faszinieren. Fleischige Frauenkörper, die sich gebärfreudig dem Betrachter öffnen. Körper über-...
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From Classic to Contemporary: Visions from Tibet will be presented jointly by Rossi and Rossi at 13 Old Bond Street, London W1, and The Sweet Tea House, a gallery specialising in contemporary Tibetan art, at 264 Globe Road, London E2, from Thursday 3...
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Guestbook di Tsering Nyandak

Himalayan Visiual Artists Network
Hi, I am trying to setup a Network of Visual Artists from Himalayan Community. I have just roughly finished my site's infrastructure and I am working on the content now. You can take a look at it here. http://www.himalayanvision.org himalayanvision.org/hvboard/. So basically, I am gathering all the information about the artists and asking for permi.../...
(Dorjee, 6 June 2009)
Art student wanting to know more about you
Hello Mr. Nyandak, I am an art student in the United States. I was asked by my professor to write a final paper on a modern artist of my choice. I looked the web over and came across your work. I am very inspired by your art and would like to write about you. My paper is due in 2 weeks (the end of August 2007). If you would allow me to base my pape.../...
(Tonya, 14 August 2007)
glad to know!
Tashi Delek and HAPPY NEW YEAR . I am very much glad to know about you and i received you mails last time but I am sorry I wasn;t able to reply you back. these days I have shifted to New York trying to see the art atmosphere here. anyways.. Happy new Year and takecare
(Tenzxy Tashi Rapten Tsang, 2 January 2007)
hi, i am migmar wangdu nuaghty boy .
Hi Nyandak, Its me from same batch in dhasa. Its good to now that you are still working on art. I am also on same line since we were child, we had a group of artist from same school and form a first group in Dhasa called Art in Exile, we are four member; me ,tenzin namgyal , Tsering Gonpo same batch and tenzin jamyang now in canada whic.../...
(migmar, 28 December 2006)
Nice to know about you and your works! God bless you. good luck for your comming exhibiti...
Nice to know about you and your works! God bless you. good luck for your comming exhibition in london. with regards Tenzxy
([From Guestbook], 2 October 2005)