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Portfolio Nazim Rexha Johny

Portfolio Nazim Rexha Johny

Nazim Rexha Johny
Nazim Rexha Johny
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Aggiunto 26 dicembre 2015
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arte @ migliore pareggio


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there is more to the eye and good critic that makes a piece of art Valuable this is my creative IDEA TO MAKE FEW SAMPLE OF ILUSTRATION IN few modern style ,reproducing best known movie Idols and wider selection of media and art
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Guestbook di Nazim Rexha Johny

Raw talent
Wow. This is excellent work. I love it.
(Tim Robers, 2 January 2016)
Good from Glen
Hello. I am Glen. I just wanted to state that I love this work and you have done great. Good job.
(Glen Arbuckle, 2 January 2016)
The best
This is some of the best work that I have seen. Keep up the great work.
(Johnny, 1 January 2016)
Congrats to you on this piece. Epic work.
(Mandy, 27 December 2015)