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Portfolio Moses Foresto

Portfolio Moses Foresto

Moses Foresto
Moses Foresto
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Aggiunto 11 febbraio 2012
Aggiunto 25 gennaio 2012
Aggiunto 11 novembre 2010
Aggiunto 24 settembre 2010
Aggiunto 12 settembre 2010
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kahandak atey ( kehendak hati )


Pakat Rantep (Close in Harmony)

Nitari Naga (Dance of the Dragons)

Asien Hatala (la Grazia di Dio)

Kahandak Atey

Red Horse e Moonlight

fino a voi signore



my dear karol

Misto & Miscelato

mangaramak bawi lewu

cervello cielo

sono donna & sono forte

gus dur

estremamente sogno

bollito zucca

vivendo è morire

colpo azzurro saltato

grande passo avanti

batang garing kinan uret

testa alla testa paradosso

mio variopinto nipote

penanan padi ( padi raccolta )

  - POEM FOR A FRIENDLY FRIEND Moses Foresto's Page
A best friend of mine, had a fatal accident passed away in September 3rd 2010. This poem & painting is dedicated to her. POEM FOR A FRIENDLY FRIEND wish to paint the sky clearly, but it’s too cloudy hope that I could paint after the rain, but still too much pain mind of crowded, afraid of departed please me friend, please my friend, grease again, g...
[Page - Moses Foresto - 2Ko - 2010]

  - I began to draw comics, sketches, superheroes cartoons, and figures caricatures in 1980's and painting on canvas in 1990's as a hobby. In 2000's I became a pro, I made paintings for living. My first and the most important painting teacher is my mother, Liane Lampe Widagdo, and then Pak Wahyu and my SMP school teacher, Pak Norman. In my early years,...
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Guestbook di Moses Foresto

Abstract Paintings are having a Different Taste!
There are so many types of painting that people love to follow. Among all of them it’s the abstract painting that has exactly drawing more reputation across the globe due to it effectiveness. And more of all involvement of Moses Forestos like artists has exactly taken this art form to a new level. Abstract paintings have managed to acquire more wor.../...
(Grisham, 19 November 2010)
Love for painting!!
A contemporary artist and got the name as famous painter in this part of the world. In her paintings she loves to use the scenes from the streets, cityscapes and different landscapes with different elegant values. She has managed to receive enough fame as a painter due to her Fable-Crater paintings that are now available in a series. The paintings .../...
(Shaun, 28 September 2010)