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Portfolio James E. Dunbar

Portfolio James E. Dunbar

James E. Dunbar
James E. Dunbar
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Portland City Lights # 42

la porpora lato di l'italia

Autunno Tuscay a chantemerle

pieno di sole colline di la toscana l'italia

Sole dell’africa

Bianchi Mangolia Fiori Di Nero Sky

rosso nero assoluto Tulipani

selvaggio pieno di colore stella a forma di margherite

viola papaveri di colore rosa Sky's

Papaveri Rossi Di Rosa Sky

africano arancione campo di margherite

africano colore rosa margherite con colore rosso bacche

africano bianco margherite con colore rosso bacche

girasole mondo

la toscana vino vigna al tramonto

cuore di Toscana Vino Vineards

la toscana l'italia vino vigna

Luci sul Portland Cattedrale di st . Johns Ponte

Portland Luci on broadway

portland città luci

colore rosso passione Tulipani

The Sunset Portland Hawthore Bridge At

ardente viola Tulipani

Violette africane

africano giallo margherite

  -   Hello, My name is James Dunbar . I am a local Portland area artist, and have been on the Portland art scene for about 3 years now. I was born in Phoenix Arizona. My mother moved us to Oregon to live on my Uncle Buddy's goat farm, located in Indepen...
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  - West African Grirl Of Promise
If you like Africa than you have to add this one to your collection! Buy your Limited edition print on canvas today!! The title of this beautiful work of art is West African Girl Of Promise this one was the first of my six series West African, Maasai...
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Guestbook di James E. Dunbar

Endless Summer painting!
Looking at this picture I feel the summer warm, fresh and tasty air of the flower field!
(Johny, 20 August 2014)