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Portfolio Carol L Ersery-Warren

Portfolio Carol L Ersery-Warren

Carol L Ersery-Warren
Carol L Ersery-Warren
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Aggiunto 27 giugno 2006
Aggiunto 24 giugno 2006
Aggiunto 17 giugno 2006
Aggiunto 4 giugno 2006
Aggiunto 24 potere 2006
Aggiunto 17 potere 2006
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Opere da 1 a 18 (su 18 totale)

uccello di paradiso

vita abbozzi

Uccello di pardise

tre della a stile

Poenies in un vaso

stanza rossa

Illusionismo donna

Lei Chi governa l Universo

verdure e frutta vita tranquilla

insalata contro Antartico fare


Cristallo Bowl n Uva

torta della ciliegia cucina

copia di mentore : Georgia O'keefe canne rosse 1924

Blues sbiaditi

arcobaleno stagno


Uccello di Pardise

  - need to know where to go to sell get help this is the page
JUST SO YOU KNOW WHO MY FRIENDS AND SPONCERS ARE: http://ww.boundlessgallery.com Carol l Ersery-Warren / Drawn2Art http://ww.drawn2artgallery.com My own web site, please visit ww.Artcad.com The great site for artist ww.wetcanvas.com name drawn2 commu...
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  - It is not just my skills you are looking for it is my personality, inside me there is a dynamic creative spirit that explodes with inventive ideas. I am a self starter that needs little supervision. I am an overachiever. I will research, I will leave...
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Guestbook di Carol L Ersery-Warren

Your Portfolio Exhibition on ArtsCad
Dear Carol, Your exhibition on ArtsCad is exciting and interesting! I love your original pieces, especially the pencil drawings and the very creative piece "She Who Rules the Universe" . I also enjoy your large flower compositions, but as is well known this is not as much unique and original as some of your other pieces, but they do demonstrate yo.../...
(Hollycarmichael, 8 August 2006)