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Portfolio Roselyne Pégeault

Portfolio Roselyne Pégeault

Roselyne Pégeault
Roselyne Pégeault

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Fine art by Roselyne Pégeault Oeuvres de Roselyne Pégeault Roselyne Pégeault Roselyne Pégeault Roselyne Pégeault Roselyne Pégeault Roselyne Pégeault Roselyne Pégeault Roselyne Pégeault

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omaggio a là LUNA

  - C'est à partir de l'adolescence que je commence à m'exprimer de plus en plus par le dessin et la couleur, inspirée par les atmosphères de ma region bretonne. Puis je fréquente quelques ateliers à Paris où je séjourne pendant 5 années, mais avant tout autodidacte, c'est par la joie créative spontanée que j'apprends et me surprends souvent... De reto...
[Biography - Roselyne Pégeault - 6Ko - 2014]

  - Brought up in the love of arts, it is for my adolescence that I began to express myself more and more by drawing and painting. I attented several art workshops in Paris where I lived during some years but I am, before all, self taught, preferring to research, observe and learn from the nature of the world around me and inside me. Coming back in Bri...
[Biography - Roselyne Pégeault - 5Ko - 2013]

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hi roselyn great work love your art mike
hi its mike this is my e-mail i tried to send e-mail but it wouldt let me this is my e-mail address ok mikexx
(mike, 14 October 2006)
Le Hêtre en Brocéliande
Dear Roselyne, What can I saw about your artwork except perhaps they are beautiful creations of inner light. I love the colours that you use and the imagery and symbolism. Mysteriously, the first image I was drawn to was Le Hêtre en Brocéliande!! You know why haha Such an enchanted scene and rather takes me back to a memory. Excellent artwork Rosel.../...
(Alan Minshull, 22 February 2006)