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Opere D'arte >> Sergio Milani >> Money Box 2017-36 "pinocchio"

Opere D'arte >> Sergio Milani >> Money Box 2017-36

"Money Box 2017-36 "pinocchio""
Sergio Milani
Acquerello e tampone. foglia d'oro. legno pregiato - 18 Cm x 8 Cm
Artist Sergio Milani, Money Box 2017-36"Pinocchio", designed, built and painted in Italy - size in 7,8 x 8,2 x 3,5 , Weight lb 0,66
The Money Box line horses are made entirely of wood, the rocking base is of precious wood and serves From a container with a porthole to inspect the interior, a plug opens a sliding door at the bottom Of the container
The horse is prepared for decoration with a white wood background.
The decorative theme dedicated to this line is, "The Fables", with two different scenes, one by one.
The decoration is made with the variously diluted watercolor and swab, the mane and tail are finished with 22kt gold leaf.
The work is accompanied by a certificate of authentication with photos, catalog number, unique work statement and signature of the artist.

400 €

Print 20 €

Poster 45 €

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Opere Media : Acquerello - Legno - Sculpture - Scultura - Stampato
Dimensioni : 19 Cm Max - 20 - 29 Cm