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Two Ladies by the Seaside

When I sit at the computer in my loft/atelier apartment I can look at two of my largest artworks on the tall wall in front of me. They are called 'Spring Has Sprung' and 'Two Ladies by the Seaside'. Katrina Sjoberg
7 dicembre 2011

I'm wondering when they will find new homes? For over two years while in the process of moving to Vasa, Finland, I was unable to have the artworks displayed in my atelier.  They were, however,  in several shows drawing a lot of attention to them because of the beautiful fabrics and images they show. Now I have been able to look at them and wonder actually how I was able to produce them.

Where did I find the patience to cut out the thousands of fabric squares required? Did I know I had the sewing skills then to sew all the thousands of squares together in a special impressionistic way.  All I remember now really is the tremendous amount of time I spent designing the images. Checking each and every fabric square to make sure the right value or the flower petal or leaf detail would convey the exact thing.  Just like when painting, you're looking for just the right color, shade, hue, value for what you want paint.  Making impressionistic artquilts is much like painting except you're using fabric squares to do the brush strokes.

I have always loved the Impressionists and these two, Monet and Seurat, gave me the inspiration to re-create their paintings out of fabrics.

I so enjoy seeing them every day and hope soon to have found new homes for others to enjoy as well....

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