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The Miracle of Everything

Some thoughts on miracles here and now. Katrina Sjoberg
17 novembre 2011

To many people the Internet and the interconnection we now have with everyone online via social pages, galleries, blogs, etc. is already a normal thing, part of life, nothing special. But for me, this whole new way of connecting with the world is a real miracle brought on by the demands of the times. What demands you might ask? The demands of individuals, groups of people, nations, etc. to be aware of what's happening around them, to be connected to something other than perhaps a family or a village or a neighborhood. Maybe these demands are not conscious either, just a need for all of us to feel part of something bigger, something special, something spiritual perhaps, something to give a new meaning to life.

The internet provides new opportunities, new ways of reaching out, new ways of marketing. All possible for any individual. Is this not the first time that an individual can very quickly influence thoughts and actions of people everywhere?  Good and bad, it seems.  I choose to focus on the good and so I'm learning more and more all the time how I can bring my visions of beauty to the world. This I do through my art works, others choose other visual means.

I just heard statistics that many 3-year olds know how to use a computer and the internet.  Is that not a Miracle? Imagine then the tremendous thought processes and visions such minds are developing. The future is indeed bright despite all the problems the media choose to bring us each minute, hour, day. This I believe.

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