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A Half Hour To Kill

Real life humorous story, on how I killed a half hour in between Doctor tests at a hospital.. Surealworld Illustrations
13 marzo 2011

This humorous story really did take place.  I has been sick for a couple of weeks, and thought that my respiratory infection turn into pneumonia,so my doctor had me get a X-ray on my lungs.   Well the X-ray did not show that I had pneumonia,but it did show that I have a enlarged heart.  So now I have to see a respiratory and  a cardiologist doctors.      So I have been spending a lot of time at the hospital going through a lot of tests,to try to uncover the cause of my heart trouble.   Well one day at the hospital I had multiple test to be done, and when I got to the last one for the day, the doctor of that department told me she was with a patient,and that she would see me in a half hour.       So I decided to make the best use of my half hour, so I decided to entertain my self by pulling a joke on people who work at the hospital.Of course I did not approach any one who was working on a patient who is  in the middle of having a heart attack.   What I did was go up to hospital staff members who were stand in the hallway  and tell them I was running late for a doctor's appointment,and was having trouble finding out the location of the doctor's office.    I ask them if they couldplease tell me what floor this doctor's office is on.  They would ask me, "what the name of the Doctor,and what department he or she work in? " I would reply," I am looking for a Doctor Anus ButtField, He works in Proctology."

Written By Stephen J. Vattimo  March 6, 2011

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