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Digital Prints on Canvas???

Can you print on Canvas??? Asbjorn Lonvig
http://www.AsbjornLonvig.com - 24 potere 2006

I would like to ask your opinion.
Once an art work has been digitized you can print it.
Usually you print on paper.
Or cloth.
Or plastic.

artblog-25-printer (8k image)On this huge printer I can print in nearly any size.
On several surfaces.
One of them is canvas.

artblog-25-1-cathedral-square (24k image)One day I printed the motif "1 Cathedral Square" on canvas.
It seamed unreal, it seamed unfair, I felt as if I violated some basic rules.
Unreal because a canvas usually takes hours and hours to paint.
Unfair because all the troubles you have during the painting process had disappeared.

But it was amazing.
The quality of the print was that of a serigraph.
The paint layer was thick giving you the color depth and not least the color fastness of the serigraph.
And I felt this smell of quality serigraph colors drying......
The smell in the room was like when you print silk screen prints.
Another thing is that canvas is much more durable than paper.

I would never be able to paint this motif so perfectly.
My son Morten paints much better than I do.
He might be able to do it.

artblog-25-close-up (5k image)This tiny close up photo of the print on canvas tells the whole story.
The close up is of a basement window.
And as you can see the texture of the canvas sure is there.

The visual differences between a painting and the print on canvas are:
In the painting you can see the brushstrokes.
You can see the painter's shaking hand.
From a technical point of view you might prefer the print?
From an artistic point of view you might prefer the painting?
Of course there is a difference in price.
A unique painting is more expensive than a print.

I was lucky to win The World of Art Award 2006 competition.
This competition seeks to attract artists, galleries, museums who are redefining standards of art excellence challenging existing trends
and tendencies in art and culture.
To celebrate this I'll market editions of 100 prints on canvas knowing that it might be controversial.

See my
And - if you like - you might visit my new web site
lonvig.biz with vision and prices.

I'll continue my investigations, just now we are printing huge canvases for Lauritz.com auctions.
And then one large "Blue Sky - Guggenheim" to a North Atlantic customer.

I think people who like to have a print on canvas and not a painting on canvas should be offered the possibility
as long as there is no doubt what so ever which ones are printed and which one is painted.
For instance by writing number/edition in the lower left corner and by printing "Digital Art Laboratory" in the lower right corner below the signature.

I can't resist this opportunity to show you my work from last week - text posters:

spanish-bull-200-text (17k image)thunderbird-200-text (15k image)france-3-200-text (12k image)butterfly-fish-200-text (17k image)

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