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The Transcendantal Immanent Value of Art Dediate to Beauty

Art Transcendantal Immanent, to transcend the banal here and now. ODAmour. "Art, in giving some price to the sensations, offer to the Humans their chance to realise their life." Pierre Drieu La Rochelle. O. Aimant Damour
12 gennaio 2005


Art Transcendantal Immanent,

to transcend the banal here end now. 

 O  Magnet DAmour creative artist of photographs of qualities of more than professional (300 pixels per inch or +), in order to make visible infinite the variations of the infinitely small Being Universe, with images generated by formulas allowing of the variations of expressions up to the levels of the Particulate Divinities who are the Photons of lights, to the pure colors and the significant forms by their merry expressions of Jouissive Nature of these Individual Models our Being and Fundamental Universe. 

Art Contemplatif which Illuminates our Interior by the Reflexions of Beauties in Oneself, which are integrated well in Oneself, by the universal desirability and the eternal value of this significant Beauty of Divine Jouissive Présence in Us as around Us, as with external of Us. Informing multiform creations of energies alive environmental and mental, sensory and emotive, by the expression of significantEnjoying Beautiful Divine Omnipresences in the Center of Oneself, as in very other Oneself, presented with my single art which makes it possible to be cultivated in appreciations of the subtle variations creating of the colors, the tone, of the forms, with unlimited the significances and impacts sensory and emotive, being able to nourish the imaginary one harmoniously and all interior, of a serenity, a merry confidence in the Divine Pleasure which Unlimited the eternal variations of the Beauty Oneself offers to Us, whose assiduous contemplation can generate beautiful alive entities in Oneself, to be generating merry blisses in Oneself. It is advantageous to be sensitized in subtle Plaisir which the contemplation of the Beauty gets, to sensitize itself with subtleties of Divine Pleasure in Oneself by the contemplation of Erotic works of art Crowned, to develop our Being from its Divine Center to its Whole, for thus rising in receptivity of most subtle Plaisirs of the eye, contributing to the times devoted to the Adorable Pleasures of Loves which accumulate in Oneself, to reach tops from where sprout on Divine universal Harmonics, of Orgasmes always Divins. 


 Here for what can be used Erotic Art Crowned, dediate to Divine Valorization of the Being and of its sexuality, for Érotisation our Being and to rise in Jouissivité Supérieure, in this essence of deepest of the Center of Oneself, until in its whole Being.  By offering cultivated and artistically refined Pleasures Beauties in Oneself, just as One cultivates oneself in literatures or in sciences, to cultivate itself in contemplation of the Beauty, it is to be in a position of better moreover benefitting from the sublimes energies which contemplations of Divinement significant Beautés in Oneself give, like raising our vibratory state of Jouissivité.  Moreover the psychiatrist of Montreal Beltrami underlines it by saying that the best aphrodisiac for a Woman is to offer a Quality of Life to her.  A Quality of Nest of Love, a quality of beauty of environment nourishing harmoniously, and which by contemplation makes it possible to reach cultivated states of Pleasures of extase natural! 


 Like there is no limit with the evolution of Divine Jouissivités, It is even possible by contemplation of the Beauty in Oneself, to raise the vibration of its body in order to become invisible for normal perceptions, according to "the tenth prophecy of the Andes", and to come to live in zones of universe of higher vibrations. 


  Jouissive Beauty, like expression of Nature of Eternal One, In-expressed, Black of Orgasmicité Absolute, Similar with Oneself of Infinitely Small with Infinitely Large, which Appears To be exceeded by the creation of Variations of Oneself, while Expressing in Varieties of Others Oneself, whose first Divinities are the Particles of lights, which spout out black of Bliss in-expressed, the Nirvana of illuminated and mystical, in the form of Divinités of Spiritual Lights, which makes Us evolve in Jouissivités more obvious with most subtle, can inspire Us and be made develop the Zones Crowned of our Intimacies, in way  Divine of the Human Divinities, expression our Being Eternal, One which which appears in very other One.


 The contemplation of the variations of Beauties supports also the creativity, and makes Us Enjoy subtly in the three zones our Divine presence, the One in the Center of Oneself in our interior body, significant and spiritual, in communication with our around Oneself, our individual habitat and our collective environment, our human ecosystem and the Divinities who are there, that these Divinities of lights illuminate of their harmonious and merry Jouissivités, like with external of Oneself, which go to the Infinite Being Universe, the Eternal Being Alive Energy In expressed, Which necessarily preceded Us, Orgasme Amour Pleasure God Oneself in Oneself,  Oneself, Pleasure Love Orgasme Directing God of Oneself in Oneself, As in very other Oneself which wishes it. 


I modulate my creations, colors and forms, with the Divine Universal Number of Harmony, Phy, which signs the Beauty in all the expressed universe, for the unirs in beautiful proportions, in order to create harmonics of brown colors for example of skin gilded of more of merriest and jouissives because they make vibrate our receivers of the colors on their more exact frequencies, thus making it possible To be it conspicuous that We are, to adjust itself like a violin on a tuning fork, and to thus better enjoy the colors chatoyants around Us, as in Us, since We can then dream them, imagining them, them to see  possibly in any time, to nourish beauties and harmony, in spirit, imaginary as in body, as a fresh wind of zones of Universes which are only blisses of Merry Jouissivivités of Unlimited the variations of the forms delicious variable depending on the states of Love that these Creatures of lights reflect in Yourself which contemplate them. 

I create also mandalas, which are on the structure of all the Models of the Being of the Universe appearing in another Units of Oneself, Individualities, of Center, by its Interior with its whole Being, then with its around Oneself, like its habitat ecosystem, then with external of Oneself, which includes all the remainder of the expressed Universe and also the Unlimited Being energy which Fulfill the Infinitely Small one which is infinitely large, like Infinitely Grant, of its Orgasmique Béatitude of a Pleasure of Supreme and Absolute Love.



O. Aimant Damour

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