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Portfolio Ron De Waal

Portfolio Ron De Waal

Ron De Waal
Ron De Waal
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Aggiunto 21 ottobre 2011
Aggiunto 20 ottobre 2011
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My Car

donne torso

het gezicht

der grasshüpfer

yvonne s . ?

Verdraaid mooi

Het geheim

Geknield naakt

Tempio di Ta Som

Ik zie porta de strepen de uomo niet meer

Anton Heyboer

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  - My name is Ron de Waal. I'm an artist living and working in the Netherlands. I started painting in 2005 I paint, i draw, i make paper mache sculptures, i photograph (female nudes) i do photo editing, etc. In my paint work i prefer to paint female nudes and portraits. I don't like to paint in one specific style. I feel that would limit me as an arti...
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