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Portfolio Orna Ben-Shoshan

Portfolio Orna Ben-Shoshan

  - When our visit in the material world comes to its end, we start our journey back home. We go through a tunnel of light that ends in the hall of reception. Exhausted from the long journey, we fall into the arms of welcoming loving entities that help us recuperate from the adventure we went through. Hall of Reception - Oil on canvas by Orna Ben-Shosh...
[Biography - Orna Ben-Shoshan - 2Ko - 2014]

  - Orna Ben-Shoshan's artwork gives the viewer a rare and insightful visit to places beyond consciousness. Her paintings release the imagination and extend the limits of ordinary perception. In her colorful scenes, which take place in a distant world, c...
[Biography - Orna Ben-Shoshan - 14Ko - 2006]

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