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Portfolio Natalya Zhdanova

Portfolio Natalya Zhdanova

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Natura morta violino pittura arte Finora la candela ustioni

Uccello la felicità originale astratto acrilico pittura su carta

girasoli astratti pittura , girasoli arte di pittura su carta , moderno sunflowerbbouquet pittura acrilica estratto

multi panel floreale arte astratta fantasia lilla valzer di fiori , dittico pittura su tela

pittura colorata su carta danse di fuoco . grande originale carta astratta parete art .

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Fantasia surreale pittura , fantasia animale arte , fantasia decorazione della parete surrealismo , fantasia animale totem arte il mondo di totem , l arte surreale

barca a vela color scarlatto vele

ancora la vita con un shaman's tamburello olio dipinto originale su tela

pittura originale violette a un inverno finestra estratto stile

umore della molla pittura originale mazzo fiori papaveri con infusioni pittura originale

pittura contemporanea Bosco spirito contro surreale stile

fiori Tulipani pieno di colore mazzo contro vaso

Stil vita fiori rosso papaveri originale olio pittura

inverno mattino paesaggio

pittura originale miracolo pesci - un balena in astratto stile

ancora la vita con violino e le rose

Estate miraggio originale olio pittura paesaggio

due square gold pesci olio dipinto originale in mano su tela

Peonie rosso e le Nero contro Antartico astratto stile

Inverno Rhapsody contro astratto stile

uccello phoenix nel surreale stile da il mio originale pittura

Fiori bianco rose in un giardino di memorie in astratto stile

olio contemporanea pittura sottacqua odissea su tela

pittura originale respirazione Salamandra contro fatto a mano

  - My name is Natalya Zhdanova. I am a professional Artist. I am the Member of the International Art Fund. The Member of the Professional Union of Artists. I live and work in Saint-Petersburg, Russia. I was trained in the folk Moscow university at the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation. I love nature and animals. I am happy and proud that m...
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  - Contemporary painting by artist Natalya Zhdanov Страница Natalya Zhdanova
Abstract Painting, Surreal, Still life, Landscape, Seascape, Flowers, Animals. Original Paintings handmade for any design of Interior.
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  - Shipping & policies Страница Natalya Zhdanova
Processing time I send the Painting within 5-7 business days. Shipping any piece of art outside Russian Federation requires certain customs respect. The authenticity of Painting on canvas is confirmed into Federal Agency of cultural heritage protection. Processing time I send the Painting within 5-7 business days. Shipping any piece of art outside ...
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  - My Artwork Underwater Odyssey is exhibited at the international art project of avant-garde and surrealist art "Geysers subconscious on Tverskaya" in Moscow from 4 April to 1 May 20017. The organizers of the international center of art Andrei Nekrasov, Moscow. the organizers of the international center of art Andrei Nekrasov, Moscow.
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sewa mobil bali
(ayunadi, 4 April 2017)
Reminds me of my mom
My mom used to have a similar piece of work to this. It hung in our kitchen. She has been gone for several years but looking it made me think of the piece mom had.
(Angie, 24 December 2015)