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Portfolio Engelina Zandstra

Portfolio Engelina Zandstra


Engelina Zandstra is a Dutch artist and lives in Amsterdam, Netherlands.
For many years she has followed courses in Amsterdam in the field of painting, etchings, screen prints and modeling. In recent years she has concentrated herself on painting.

Her art images are created in her head and in her mind. They are an exploration of her inner spirit. The impressions that were stored in her head during her life are the source of the imagination, more than the images and influences from outside. Sometimes she finds inspiration in simple objective chance, in the form of images that happen to come her way.
An idea that she has is usually drawn directly on the canvas, without prior study. The starting point are lines and color areas, which serve as initial development.
Each painting is like a link in her creative development, a pioneering process of her personal style. This intuitive approach makes that the type of work that is created can be very different.
Color, composition, figuration and abstraction are not constant elements in her work, but part of her spiritual exploration.
Her fascination with images that are not possible or not correct representations of reality, cuts across the idiom of the art of Surrealism.
In the Surrealism shapes and colors can have different meanings.
Her artistic intuition, which begins with images of the mind, makes use of ideas, shapes and colors and combines these elements into a painting with its own 'handwriting'.

The style of her paintings can best be described as lyrical-abstract. Sometimes the beginning is abstract, and then at some point human figures come in the picture. As if the human presence is necessary for further inspiration. The human images she  uses to define human relationships.

Usually she works in several thin layers over each other. Each layer provides inspiration for the next, with new ideas. The different layers and colors gives the acrylic paint depth and character. Color is very important to her: the alchemy of color. It is her view of the atmosphere of a painting.
She calls her paintings "Landscapes of the Mind", because they are the reproductions of the images stored in her imagination.

As regards the meaning of a work: her paintings are like music, there are no words needed for its interpretation.
Each painting tells its own story, and those who look at it may experience it in his own way, can give his own meaning to it.
In her pictures she tries to open a window on a segment of reality, in which symbols, places, feelings and impressions are summarized. The complex reality, a combination of location, event and time, again constructed using her imagery.
Usually I work fast, alla fine and  with thin paint: a first version of the painting on the canvas in one time.
But then there are coming many layers in the same way on top of it.
Each new layer gives inspiration for the next one, with new ideas to work out.
The different layers and colors of each layer give the acrylic paint also depth.
The materials I am using are acrylic paint on canvas, because they are for me the most suitable for my way of working.

Website : www.engelinazandstra.nl

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  - - Permanent exhibition in my own studio in Amsterdam, Netherlands You are welcome to come and see my work in reality. Send me an e-mail for an appointment. Or visit my website : www.engelinazandstra.nl
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  - CHARACTERIZATION OF MY WORK My work can best be described as lyrical-abstract. Colour is very important for me : the alchemy of colour. This defines for me the atmosphere of a painting. Usually I work in many thin layers on top of each other. Each new layer gives inspiration for the following one, with new ideas. Because of the different layers and...
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  - Engelina Zandstra is living in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Since 1992 she followed in Amsterdam many courses in the field of painting, etching, modelling and silk-screen painting. She also took private and group lessons with a visual artist, and did participate in various workshops in the painting and drawing area. Autodidact. During the last years she...
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  - Laws underneath colour and shape there are laws a painting must fulfill an invisible framework proportions movement limitations one must be able to enter the painting and to leave it the arrangement of the forms is leading the phantasy via the unknown to the inner life colour and form forged together with the laws shaped by the artist
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Biography and style : I move toward an art of thought, that takes reality only as a starting point , never as the ultimate goal LANDSCAPES OF THE MIND Engelina Zandstra is a Dutch artist and lives in Amsterdam, Netherlands. For many years she has followed courses in Amsterdam in the field of painting, etchings, screen prints and modeling. In recent...
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Opening speech at one of my exhibitions Opening of the Exhibition of Engelina Zandstra, March 5, 1999, Galerie 66, Amsterdam, Netherlands The truth of the artist In the history of art, inventions have been made with something of Sesam-u-open nature in them. The shortened drawing is maybe one of them, a way to show the working of depth modeling with...
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Past exhibitions

2011  Artists Haven Gallery -  Fort Lauderdale, Florida, U.S.A.
          2011 International Fine Art Painting Competition, 4 - 30 juni 2011
2010 -  Het Kunstbedriif, Raadhuisstraat 56a 2101 HH Heemstede
2010 - De Lange Litanie, Roeselare, België
2010 - Diaconessenhuis, Meppel
2010 - Galerie De Kleine Hoogstraat, Kleine Hoogstraat 14, 8911 HE Leeuwarden
2009 - Marziart International Gallery. Hamburg, Germany
2009 - Collective Exhibition by Selected Artists from the Netherlands
           Opera Gallery, Budapest, Hungary  

2008 - Het Kunstbedrijf, Heemstede
2008 - Galerie Oost 99, Hoorn
2008 - Open Atelierroute, Amsterdam-Noord
2003 - Galerie 'de Opsteker', Amsterdam
1999 - Galerie 66, Amsterdam
1999 - Galerie ‘de Opsteker’, Dorpskerk Durgerdam, Amsterdam
1998 - Presentatiecentrum 'Het Slakkenhuis', Soest
1998 - De Badcuyp, Amsterdam
1998 - Art Expo, Amsterdam
1998 - Galerie 'Tussen de poortjes', Hoorn
1997 - Galerie 'de Opsteker', Amsterdam
 l996 - Galerie 'A Vue', Maarssen
1996 - CLB (Sanquin), Amsterdam
1996 - Galerie 'Three of a kind', Amsterdam
1995 - Hortus Botanicus, Amsterdam
1995 - Hogeschool Amsterdam, Amsterdam
1995 - Hogeschool Alkmaar, Alkmaar
1995 - Amsterdam Studio's, Amsterdam







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