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Portfolio Catherine Rogers Jonsson

Portfolio Catherine Rogers Jonsson

Catherine Rogers Jonsson
Catherine Rogers Jonsson
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Aggiunto 1 luglio 2008
Aggiunto 1 settembre 2007
Aggiunto 13 settembre 2006
Aggiunto 2 settembre 2006
Aggiunto 28 luglio 2006
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celeste madre di vita e morte

3 in punto in mattina

lettera di amore alla a guerra Frecce di la guerra

donna e lei ombra

sul base

TV Osservatore

Inverno prende Un fidanzata


invisibile donna I

invisibile donne contro 9 parti

celeste madre di vita e morte

Kroki Donne

Shapeshifter Madre e il Bambino

Donna e Ombra

Colombo viale memoria

fiero camminatore

celeste madre di vita e morte

Tirapiedi : Shapeshifter

come io fare cos?

  - WELL STREET ART COMPANY, Fairbanks Alaska, 6 paintings on consignment till June 2007
[Announcement - Catherine Rogers Jonsson - 1Ko - 2006]

  - Catherine Rogers Jonsson Visual Artist Painting, Drawing, Sculpture, Mixed Media Installations, Printmaking Born: 1955 Memphis , Tennessee , USA Address: Shalimar Studio, Aggetorp, Norra Kedum 53197 Lidköping, Sweden tel. (46) 510 72096 Official On L...
[Biography - Catherine Rogers Jonsson - 5Ko - 2006]

  - Catherine Rogers Jonsson of Shalimar Studio - Sweden
Welcome to view my works. You can see more at ww.catherinnerogersjonsson.com
[Page - Catherine Rogers Jonsson - 1Ko - 2006]

  - Catherine Rogers Jonsson is an American artist living and working in Sweden since 1998. She has been a professional artist since 1979 and exhibits her work in America and Europe. Since moving to Sweden she has had 3 solo exhibitions in Stockholm and ...
[Biography - Catherine Rogers Jonsson - 2Ko - 2006]

Guestbook di Catherine Rogers Jonsson

She is the Real Expert!
There are so many artists in this world trying hard to produce the best of their art work. But Catherine Rogers Jonsson is the one who got expertise in different art works. She is just a mid career artist but she has managed to gain expertise in visual art, sculpture making, and printmaking. Her art works are in demand and offering people the best .../...
(Maureen Townes Wilhelm - Art Critic, 14 February 2011)